Mother Jones

Mother Jones


Union organizer and community activist Mary Harris “Mother” Jones is laid to rest on December 8, 1930 in Mount Olive, Ill. Considered by some to be the most dangerous woman in America for her ability to organize mine workers and their families against mine owners, she developed a loyal following. Her last wish was to be buried with her “boys,” three miners who were killed in the 1898 Battle of Virden, in the Union Miners’ Cemetery in Mount Olive. Survivors of the Virden incident served as honorary pallbearers. Click here to purchase a print. 

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  1. Just love these older pix. Would like to know who the man, that was frying a egg on driveway. The classey lady on left side in front of Springfield High School, looks like my Mother. Great Pix.

    • Julie,

      If you click the “info” tab under the photo, you can view the caption information that accompanies the picture.

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