Images from the Illinois State Journal Glass Plates 1929-1935

Welcome to Springfield Photographs, a collection of images taken between 1929 and 1935 for the Illinois State Journal, one of two daily newspapers in Springfield, Illinois throughout most of the 20th century. The work of two men, the photographs show its cultural and built environment, people walking its streets and in their daily routines, the lively public square as the heart of the city, the grittiness of a growing urban center and the personality of a place that comes through in the interaction of all these things. Please wander through the gallery and be sure to share your comments, recollections or revelations.

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  1. Rich: you have set the bar very high with this entire project and created a standard for other newspapers to be inspired by. With so much source material, like these examples, already lost to sometimes no more than pure ignorance, it is most imperative others follow your good deeds going forward with photographic historic preservation.

  2. Rich,
    Knowing what the contact prints yielded, the quality you have achieved is superb. Seeing the prints enlarged makes them so facinating.

  3. Adele Hodde is my cousin’s daughter. I found out from her about your exhibit of glass plate pictures that my father, Raymond Hodde, took way back then. I live in Georgetown, TX but was planning to get to Springfield for my high school reunion. However, I would like to see this exhibit. It sounds very interesting.

    • Hi Susan,

      The exhibit runs until Friday, August 3.If you make it to Springfield, please have Adele contact me, I would love to meet you and hear more about your dad.

  4. Just read this article , not knowing age, however just wanted to say I am 71 years old and along with my family was all raised north of Springfield Sangamon River area. I have some outstanding pictures, dating back to 20′s and 30′s
    I would like to share , however I would want them back. Can this be done ? and how ?

  5. I live in Houston now, but grew up in Springfield and left for college in 1962. My family (The Carroll’s, Weaver’s and the Bretz’s) had lived in Springfield since the mid-1800′s. I would love to see the exhibit.

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